Borderless – How To Keep Track of Covid-19 And Other Travel Restrictions!

How to keep track of travel restrictions!

Nowadays, in 2022, even if a good portion of the world is slowly opening back up, there are still many places that are still slightly to completely closed off to travel. As such it can be a massive pain in the ass to keep up with all the different rules and restrictions that every single individual place has that you have to follow in order to travel there.

Enter “Borderless! Borderless is a neat little tool created by the company called Safetywing. Safety wing is a travel insurance company whose mission is to provide a social safety net for people around the entire world. In order to do so, they have started by offering cheap and affordable travel and medical insurance covering people around the world!

How to use “Borderless” to check on travel restrictions!

As already mentioned Borderless is a free tool available for anyone to use to check on the specific covid and travel restrictions that a certain country might have in place. The Borderless tool is mostly kept updated as recently as possible (although their updates might be a day to a few behind at any given time).

In order to use it, all you have to do is go to their website,, and go to their tools tab where you find the Borderless tool. The Borderless tool shows up as a stretched-out globe with different countries and areas highlighted to show how open or closed off said area is to travel.

travelusave borderless

As you can see in the picture different countries and general sections of the globe are highlighted in different colors. Red for completely closed off. Orange for partially closed off. Yellow for Open with Restriction. Green for completely open. Different areas also have squiggly lines drawn over them to represent Open for vaccinated travelers.

In order to check the specific rules certain areas have about travel restrictions, just click or search the area you want to know about. Once you do that a tab will appear on the right side of the screen with a plethora of information regarding the travel restriction rules for that area.

The Containment Measures section of the tab will show the vaccinations you need to have, their border restrictions, their travel restrictions to, from, and within the area, as well as their restrictions on social events and gatherings.

The Testing and Treatments section of the tab will show where you might be able to get tested as well as relevant numbers that you can call. It also lists out some general rules people are expected to follow in order for people who have or might have Covid.

You can also sign up for their newsletter to get the latest updates on anything regarding travel restrictions!

Using this tool, you can rest assured that you’ll be prepared for whatever rules you need to follow when booking with to save up to 80% on your vacation!

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