Airlines Do Away With Mask Mandates But Flight Attendants Disapprove And Alaska Airline Pilots Strike!

Airlines Do Away With Mask Mandates But Flight Attendants Disapprove And Alaska Airline Pilots Strike!

Airlines do away with mask mandates!

Canceled flights. Understaffed airports. Soaring car rental costs. Despite restrictions easing and Covid rates settling, it’s set to be a challenging summer for travel. Added to that, there’s the ongoing saga of the US transportation mask mandate.

A federal judge ruled Monday that the government’s mask mandate for airplanes and public transport was unlawful, but two days later, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that it had asked the Department of Justice to appeal the ruling.

Three major US airlines have announced they’ll be letting some passengers previously banned for mask violations back on their flights. Here’s everything you need to know about the new US mask rules (for now).

Source: CNN

Flight attendants disapprove of the return on anti-maskers!

Flight attendants at United say the airline’s decision to permit anti-masker passengers to return to the friendly skies is premature and “no way to support” employees who took the brunt of anger and aggression when they were charged with enforcing the federal face mask mandate.

United Airlines has joined both Alaska and Delta Air Lines in announcing plans to rescind travel bans on passengers who found themselves on ‘no-fly’ lists for refusing to comply with face mask rules.  United says its no-fly list of nearly 1,000 passengers will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and that only customers who “commit to following all crew member instructions on board” will have their travel ban’s lifted.

Like both Alaska and Delta, passengers who “demonstrated egregious behavior” will remain on United’s no-fly list but flight attendants at the Chicago-based carrier said the airline has jumped the gun.  United announced its plan to lift travel restrictions on anti-maskers within days of the federal face mask mandate being struck down by a Florida judge.


Alaska Airlines pilot’s strike over contract negotiation!

round 3,100 pilots at Alaska Airlines have moved a step closer to staging a historic strike that could completely ground the airline in an ongoing dispute over stalled contract negotiations that so little sign of movement.  

Pilots employed by the Seattle-based carrier will soon be balloted on whether to authorize a strike, although any potential walkout is still a long way off and must still clear several major hurdles.

“Alaska pilots are not looking to strike,” commented Capt. Will McQuillen, chairman of the master executive council at the Alaska Airlines branch of the ALPA union.  “We are looking for improvements to our contract in line with the market but that will also allow our company to grow and remain successful and competitive,” Capt. McQuillen continued.


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