World’s Largest Cruise Ship and Flights Diverted From Russia!

You’d have to run the length of nearly three and a half American football fields before you made it from bow to stern of Royal Caribbean’s Wonder of the Seas, the world’s largest cruise ship.

The 18-deck behemoth, complete with its own zip line and what’s billed as “the tallest slide at sea,” will set off on its maiden voyage from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the Caribbean on March 4.

Also on the “wow, that’s high” front, Heavenly Jin restaurant on the 120th floor of the Shanghai Tower — about 1.5 times the height of the Empire State Building — has just been named the world’s highest restaurant in a building.

Dutch flag carrier KLM diverted two flights bound for Moscow and St Petersburg on Saturday after the airline realized that the multi-million-dollar aircraft might be left stranded on the ground in Russia.

While other airlines have quickly suspended flights to Russia, KLM Royal Dutch Airlines has been continuing to fly between its home in Amsterdam to the Russian Federation despite President Vladimir Putin’s indiscriminate attack on Ukraine.

On Saturday, the carrier sent two Boeing 737 aircraft to Russia – KLM flight KL903 was bound for Moscow, while KL1395 was four hours into its flight to St Petersburg when it was suddenly recalled back to the Netherlands.

The Dutch government hasn’t followed the lead of the UK who barred Russian aircraft from its airspace and was promptly hit with a reciprocal ban on British airlines overflying Russia.

The threat of a tit-for-tat airspace ban didn’t, however, dissuade a slew of European countries from banning Russian airlines from their airspace, including Poland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovenia.

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