Travelusave Partners With Way Away To Improve Our Flight Offerings With Cashback Too!

Travelusave partners with WayAway compare prices on Airlines

Travelusave partners with WayAway to offer cashback on flights!

Travelusave is a metasearch price comparison site that compares prices between multiple booking companies for flights and hotels to allow our customers to find the best deals. We compare sites like, Agoda,, Snap Travel, and more for hotels!

We compare prices between sites like Expedia,, Farebuddies,, and more for flights and between over 700 different airlines! On top of that, we also offer car rentals, taxi transfers, and fun tours and activities as part of our service!

Travelusave has partnered with the flight metasearch platform, WayAway, in order to offer our customers cashback when booking flights!

What is WayAway?

WayAway is a metasearch comparison platform that allows us to compare prices on flights between over 700 different airlines and several flight booking websites. However, one new advantage of using WayAway as our flight search engine is that our customers now have the option to purchase WayAway + for $5 a month in order to save up to 5% on each flight! It can also be used to save up to 10% when booking hotel stays through and can be combined with their genius program!

How to earn cashback on flights!

As mentioned earlier, you can earn cash back after purchasing a WayAway + membership. Doing so will allow you to earn up to 5% cashback whenever you purchase a flight through us!

In order to sign up for a WayAway + membership just click on the button below and sign up!

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