How To Get Compensated For Missed Flights!

How to get compensated for missed flights!

Compensair is the world’s largest organization specializing in air passenger rights, both educating travelers and helping them get compensation for delayed or canceled flights. All travelers need to do is submit their flight details and, if they are eligible, Compensair will handle the claim process on their behalf for a fixed fee that frequently corresponds to around 25% of their claim (or 50% if legal proceedings are required). If Compensair can’t get them compensation, they don’t pay a fee!

According to EU laws if anyone flying throughout the EU had their flight delayed more than three hours they have the right to get compensation using a service like Compensair for any such flight within the last 6 years!


How to apply for missed flights compensation through Travelusave! has partnered with Compensair to make applying for such compensation as quick and easy as possible! Using an integrated online claim form on Travelusave’s Flight Compensation page makes it as easy as possible to apply for your compensation!

Simply go to the page and go to the bottom to find the online claim form. Then enter where your flight originated and the destination. Choose “Missed Connection” as the reason for your claim as well as the date of the flight. Then click on the “Check Flight” button and you should be taken to Compensair own website where you can complete the process. flight compensation

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