How To Compare Different Flight Booking Companies!

Travelusave How to compare flight booking companies!

What is is a travel booking company that acts as a travel metasearch site that finds and compares the best offers on flights, hotels, car rentals, package holidays, and more. We’re free, which means that we never add any booking fees.

How to compare different flight booking companies!

What makes so special is its ability to collect the aggregate information of several different flight booking companies like:

  • Travomint
  • MyHolidays
  • Cheapfaremart
  • Expedia
  • Kiwi
  • BudgetAir
  • and more to help customers find the absolute best deals on flights and other travel-related experiences.

Travelusave compares the prices on these flight booking websites and between over 700 different airlines! (Some results will display the airline’s website if it’s among the cheapest options}

How to find the best flight deals!

When using, all anyone needs to do to find the best hotel deals is use the search bar on the Flights pages. Then, enter the details of any specific location that you’d like to go to as well as any details about the dates you’d like to book your flight for.

best flight deals  
how to compare flight booking websites

Then, once you’ve entered in your wherever you want to go, the dates, and the number of tickets, click on the search button. will then search through several different flight booking companies and show you the best deals for each hotel and where you might find them. As seen in the picture below, regularly saves people around 20% when it comes to booking flights!

best flight deals 2 
how to compare flight booking websites 2

When customers find a flight deal that is to their liking, they can simply click on it to book the flight. Travelusave will redirect you to the travel booking website selected by the customers. Travelusave shows the cheapest flight in the “Select Ticket” button by default. If customers wish to view offers from other flight booking websites, they simply need to click on the “Up and Down arrow” button after clicking on a ticket. You can see other flight booking website options this way or go down the page and click on the “Airline” or “Agencies” section to see which airlines and OTAs are being compared for your route.

Note: In the upper right hand of each flight you can see red symbols indicating any inconvenient aspects of different flights like long layover, layovers with baggage rechecks, and more!

As you can see from the picture above, when you select a specific ticket you can see which airlines you’ll take for your flight, whether or not baggage is included and what it would cost to add baggage. aggregates all of this data, which allows us to show the different prices on offer for different flights and the prices they are available for at other flight booking websites. We at collect all of this data to offer our customers the absolute best deals for any and all of their flight bookings!

Customers can customize their search however they want for their ideal flight. They can edit their search based on price, travel time, early flights, or late flights! They can also edit their flight itinerary based on things like connecting airports, specific airlines, specific airports, and specific flight booking websites!

Book your vacation today at to save the most money on all of your vacation experiences!

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