Flight Attendant Union Complains About Air France And Spain Relaxes Travel Restrictions For Unvaccinated Americans!

Flight attendant union claims Air France conditions are deplorable!

The Air France flight attendant union claims conditions onboard flights are becoming ‘cataclysmic’ because of the rising number of daily issues affecting passengers and cabin crew.

“For several weeks, discontent has been rising among the cabin crew members who find themselves confronted with numerous irritants and spend a large part of their mission apologizing to customers,” the SN-PNC union told its members last week.

The problems faced by passengers and cabin crew are said to be happening just as Air France launches a major marketing campaign to promote its “move upmarket” with a new Business Class seat and improved catering.

Those improvements haven’t, however, seemingly found themselves on board Air France flights just yet. The union says catering problems have become a big issue in recent months, while the number of broken seats and other faulty onboard equipment has ‘exploded’.

The union says working conditions have become ‘deplorable’ and warns that these issues might become a major sticking point when their collective bargaining agreement comes up for renegotiation soon.

The situation could, though, get worse before it gets better. On Saturday, Air France sent out a company-wide text message calling on flight attendants to delay any holidays they had booked in July and August due to a shortage of available staff.

Source: Paddleyourownkanoo.com

Spain relaxes travel restrictions for unvaccinated Americans!

Spain eased its entry requirements for travelers from outside the European Union over the weekend, allowing Americans who are not fully vaccinated against the coronavirus to enter as long as they present negative test results. Previously, unvaccinated travelers from places such as the United States and Britain could only enter the country if they could prove a recent case of the coronavirus, meaning they had developed natural protections.

As of Saturday, tourists traveling by air or sea from non-E.U. and associated Schengen Area countries can show either proof of vaccination, a certificate of recovery, or a negative test result to enter, according to the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism. Before the change, U.S. tourists had to show either proof of vaccination or documentation of recovery from the disease.

Source: The Washington Post

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