Amtrak Offers More Departure Times, Singapore Gets Their First Monkeypox Case, And Easyjet Crew in Spain Strikes!

Amtrak increases its offerings of departure times in Roanoke!

Amtrak’s new departure times make for a more flexible and convenient way to travel from Roanoke to cities in Northern Virginia, Southwest Virginia, and Washington D.C.

The Amtrak Northeast Regional service will begin offering trips in the morning and the afternoon beginning on July 11. There will be transit options for those going to and from Roanoke, Washington, and the Northeast portion of Virginia.


Singapore gets its first monkeypox case!

A member of the British Airways cabin crew has tested positive for Monkeypox during a layover in Singapore, becoming the Asian city’s first known case of the viral zoonotic disease.

On Tuesday, Singapore’s Ministry of Health confirmed it had detected a singular imported case of Monkeypox in a 42-year-old British flight attendant who had been in Singapore between 15th and 17th June and then returned to the city on 19th June.

The male flight attendant tested positive for Monkeypox on 20th June after initially suffering from a flu-like illness before developing skin rashes which are a common tell-tale symptom of Monkeypox.

The crew member is said to be in a “stable condition” and has been moved to an isolation ward at Singapore’s National Centre for Infectious Diseases.


Easyjet crew in Spain strikes!

EasyJet cabin crew in Spain have announced plans to stage nine days of strike action in July in an escalating dispute over pay and conditions for Spanish workers who claim to be paid less than the airline’s own cabin crew in other European countries including France and Germany.

The USO union represents around 450 of easyJet’s Spain-based cabin crew in the popular summer destinations of Barcelona, Malaga, and Palma de Mallorca.

If the strike goes ahead, cabin crew are set to walk out for three consecutive days at a time from July 1st – 3rd, 15th – 17th, and 29th – 31st. The union is demanding at least a 40 percent pay hike in order to keep up with the wages that cabin crew doing the same job are earning in other countries.

“Our bases are in very expensive cities and with the base salary, we barely cover the rent or mortgage,” bemoaned the union’s general secretary Miguel Galán on Tuesday. “Spain has the lowest base salary for its crew members of all EasyJet bases in Europe,” Galán explained.


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